Drainage project on NE 63rd St. & Hazel Dell Ave.

Special thanks to Ken Schwanz and Scott Wilson of Clark County

Date of project: April 30th - May 2nd

Purpose: The State was in the process of turning over the intersection back to the County because of the completion of the NE 63rd overpass/I-5 project. New curbs and sidewalk channeled the water to an existing drywell at the intersection which before used to run off the road. Poor infiltration soils and the lack of funds from the State made it difficult to fix the problem before accepting back the road.

Solution: Provide an additional drywell to increase the amount of infiltration and storage and add an overflow south of the intersection in case of an occasional big rain event. The County had a complete drywell in the maintenance yard and the State maintenance crews provided the trucking and drain rock for installing the drywell. Most of the job was done with existing materials plus labor and equipment.


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